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Welcome to my new website.  My little corner of the cyberworld.  

About Craig Schaller


About Craig Schaller

Craig Schaller was the longtime host of the Rochester Americans "Penalty Box" post game call-in show, as well as the studio host for Amerk games between 1997 & 2013.  He was also a guest host numerous times on sports radio shows such as the Bob Matthews show, the Mike Schopp show, the Brad Davies show and the John DiTullio show.  Now he is a writer, living in the Mile High city of Denver Colorado.  And ladies, yes he is single again!

Welcome to my online website!

There is a lot to read here, and I appreciate your time.  Hopefully, I can entertain you.  I will try to keep new and fresh stuff on this page.  I am working on TWO books, so you will get exclusive previews of each of them and some new articles about sports.  Feel free to comment oor send me a message in the "contact us" link.  

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The Dating Game

I am learning this new GoDaddy website builder, and all it can do.  I appreciate everyone's pacience and understanding.  I would like to be a little more active in my writing and giving my thoughts on things, so hopefully, you will see more columns whenever I have something to say.

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