About Craig Schaller


About Craig Schaller

Craig Schaller was the longtime host of the Rochester Americans "Penalty Box" post game call-in show, as well as the studio host for Amerk games between 1997 & 2013.  He was also a guest host numerous times on sports radio shows such as the Bob Matthews show, the Mike Schopp show, the Brad Davies show and the John DiTullio show.  Now he is a writer, living in the Mile High city of Denver Colorado.  And ladies, yes he is single again!

Welcome to my online website!

There is a lot to read here, and I appreciate your time.  Hopefully, I can entertain you.  I will try to keep new and fresh stuff on this page.  I am working on TWO books, so you will get exclusive previews of each of them and some new articles about sports.  Feel free to comment oor send me a message in the "contact us" link.  

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